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AM335x PRU Assembler for BeagleBone

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The hardware / software modules and descriptions referred to in this package are NOT SUPPORTED by Texas Instruments ( /

These materials are intended for do-it-yourself (DIY) users who want to use the PRU at their own risk without TI support. "Community" support is offered at

The AM335x PRU Package includes:

Documentation: AM335x PRU-ICSS overview slides AM18x to AM335x PRU software migration guide AM335x PRU Linux Application Driver documentation CCS AM335x PRU Debugger training slides AM335x_PRU_ICSS gel file for use with CCS AM335x PRU Debugger

PRU software (pru_sw): Utils: PASM (PRU assembler) binary PASM Source code

Linux PRU userspace driver (app_loader): prussdrv.c

Example applications: PRU_memAcc_DDR_sharedRAM PRU_memAccessPRUDataRam PRU_PRUtoPRUInterrupt

Community support wiki page is at: